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Quote: Bertrand Russell's anecdote

To return to my grandmother’s family … the … sister, Lady Charlotte Portal was … apt to express herself unfortunately. On one occasion when she had to order a cab for three people, she thought a hansom would be too small and a four-wheeler too large, so she told the footman to fetch a three-wheeled cab. On another occasion, the footman, whose name was George, was seeing her off at the station when she was on her way to the Continent. Thinking that she might have to write to him about some household matter she suddenly remembered that she did not know his surname. Just after the train had started she put her head out of the window and called out, ‘George, George, what’s your name?’ ‘George, My Lady’, came the answer. By that time he was out of earshot.

-Bertrand Russell, “Autobiography”

* * *