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Three excellent lecture videos

1. Aakar Patel - English and its influence on our national priorities (2016). This examines the peculiar phenomenon in India where the popular media, due to the distribution of languages spoken and very high advertising revenues, ends up being skewed towards elites and their issues, systematically biasing the propagation of news information.

2. David Starkey - When I hear the word ‘art’, I reach for my gun (2017). Starkey gives a sweeping account of the history of art, in a broad sense, and illuminates the phenomena of Dadaism and modern art.

3. Edsger Dijkstra @ Joint International Seminar on the Teaching of Computing Science (1992). Dijkstra presents an algorithmic problem and walks through a solution based on ideas in A Discipline of Programming, where formal semantics are used to guide the search for an algorithm.

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